What I've Been Loving: VLOGMAS! (Re-Posted)

Lately, I've been obsessed with Missglamorazzi's (TheGridMonster) vlogmas videos! I have my own vlogmas but her's is an actual follow me around thing. I would do that but my life is so boring, I mean it's busy, but boring. This would be my vlog :
-End of school
-Cheer or Volleyball (which I can't bring a camera)
-Come home and eat
-Watch Tv 
- Then go to bed. Yeah. 
But anyways!..Here's her very first Vlogmas video! 


Anonymous said...

Is it on youtube????!!!

Anonymous said...

you could do a follow me around and film like in the car and getting ready for things

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

love ya and your videos

Morgan said...

Mandy Im 11 And Would Love To Do Videos Like Yours But Not Enough Time :P xx

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