Kim Kardashian's Stunning Makeup For Her Christmas Card!

So if you follow Kim Kardashian's blog then you would have seen the behind the scenes of their photoshoot for their Christmas card. If you didn't, then Kim just posted pictures from behind the scenes of the photoshoot. When I was looking at all of them, I stumbled upon this gorgeous makeup she was wearing! What do you guys think? Should I do a tutorial?? I think I could still do it before Christmas because it is still a Christmas-y kind of makeup right? But for now I'm editing a Pin-Up Inspired Holiday Makeup tutorial. If you have any other requests of videos for me to do, then leave them on the comments! Bye!

What I've Been Loving: Zebra Hot Chocolate! (Re-Posted)

Okay, so if your like me and you LOVE the holidays and holiday drinks...READ THIS! So, here's the thing, I HATE coffee! It just taste so gross! But, all the festive holiday drinks have coffee. I know, I know. You can always get hot chocolate, but its so boring! If you have the same problem, here's the solution.Go to Starbucks and order a Zebra Hot Chocolate. I'm not sure if it is actually like on the menu but trust me! It's a mixture of white hot chocolate and regular hot chocolate!! AMAZING! Try it out and tell me your thoughts!!

What I've Been Loving: THE HUNGER GAMES! (Re-Posted)

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in THREE DAYS!! But I've been so busy! It's past my bedtime right now but I NEEDED to make this post! Ha ha ha! Okay, so what I've been loving lately is THE HUNGER GAME BOOKS!! I just finished the second book in the trilogy and I'm litterally freaking out because I don't have the third book yet! YOU NEED TO READ THEM! I'm going to be COMPLETELY honest about the book with you. First of all, I usually HATE reading and I only read because I have to for book reports but with this book, I can't set it down! The beginning of both the first and second books are kinda slow but don't give up! It gets amazing!

What I've Been Loving: VLOGMAS! (Re-Posted)

Lately, I've been obsessed with Missglamorazzi's (TheGridMonster) vlogmas videos! I have my own vlogmas but her's is an actual follow me around thing. I would do that but my life is so boring, I mean it's busy, but boring. This would be my vlog :
-End of school
-Cheer or Volleyball (which I can't bring a camera)
-Come home and eat
-Watch Tv 
- Then go to bed. Yeah. 
But anyways!..Here's her very first Vlogmas video! 

I Wanna Re-Do My Room! (Re-Posted)

How gorgeous is this?? I love it so much! I want to re do my room like this but with a maroon kind of colored wall! BUT, my room is so tiny it won't ever look the way I want! AND, my dad says he won't let me re do my room. I'll just talk to my mom because my dad is kinddddddaaaa a neat freak so he hates when my room is a mess.. that's why he wont let me do my room! My mom is a bit more understanding ha ha ha ha. What do you guys think?

UGGS! Shoes of the Season! (Re-Posted)

My winter MUST HAVE this month! I cannot live without these! Brand: UGG Austrailia Color: Chocolate Style: Classic Tall. I repeat...MUST HAVE! They keep my feet so warm and toasty when it's cold this season!

The Naked Palette CRAZE! (Re-Posted)

It's CRAZY!! When the Naked palette 2 first came out, I wasn't that eager to buy it..but now I really want it! Unfortunately, by the time I decided that I wanted it, they were sold out. SO, I signed up for the newsletter to notify when they were back in stock. THIS MORNING I got the email that said it was back in stock, I didn't get to read it until after school so once I went on the website to order it..IT WAS OUT OF STOCK...AGAIN! Just in one day!!! SO CRAZY!! Tell me your you want the new naked palette??

My Favorite Nail Polish of the Moment! (Re-posted because of new layout)

Words cannot describe how much I love this nail polish that i'm putting on right this minute :
Glitzerland by OPI ♥ 
IT'S PERFECT!! Whenever I have no idea what to paint my nails, I always go to this one. BUY IT NOW!! Ha ha ha! If you have any nail polish recommendations, leave them in the comments!

(Not my hand btw..)

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